1. Political relations:

- September 5, 1962, the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the Government of the Kingdom of Laos has established diplomatic relations.

- When Laos was born December 2, 1975, Vietnam-Laos relationship has moved into a new phase that is a relationship of friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two Parties and two States. Since then, relations Vietnam-Laos special increasingly consolidated and developed.

2. Economic Cooperation cultural-scientific-technical:

- The two sides established Intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation and cultural-scientific and technical Vietnam-Laos to monitor and promote economic cooperation, cultural, scientific, technical. The Committee meets once a year, alternating venues, so far has been 28 conference sessions.

- Investor Relations, trade: import and export turnover was estimated at 687.8 bidirectional 2001-2005 million, the average 137.5 million / year, of which Vietnam's trade deficit of 55.2 million dollars; In 2005 reached 165 million US dollars and 6 months of 2006 reached $ 115 million. The two sides have carried out many measures to encourage the development of investment and trade, such as the implementation of preferential policies, open for investors from both countries, a 50% tax rate for commodity imports originating from each country, the construction of economic zones at border gates and border markets ... so in the last two years, has increased the trade turnover and the total investment value of the two sides. However, due to the small market in Laos, Thai and familiar goods of Chinese goods flooding the market turnover Laos trade between the two countries did not meet the wishes of the leaders of the two countries.

- In terms of transportation, convenient transportation Laos imports and exports through the ports of Vietnam (including Vung Ang port) and is actively deploying traffic network connection preparing for regional integration.

September 2006

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